Kankakee Parish Nurse Network

Welcome to the Kankakee Parish Nurse Network

As of December 31, 2017 all communications contained on the Kankakee Parish Nurse Network will be moved to our Facebook page @kankakeeparishnurse. Please like our Facebook page and visit us there for news and information.

Welcome to the Kankakee Parish Nurse Network (KPNN), formerly Parish Nurse Network of Kankakee River Valley.  We are a nonprofit organization of Parish Nurses the Kankakee area.  Due to the death our beloved founder and Coordinator, Helen Chigaros, we are in the process of restructuring our program, We will continue to offer support to local Parish Nurses through our meetings and programs. In order to continue to offer quality programs and education to those in Parish Nursing or to new Parish Nurses, we are pleased to announce that we are now affiliated with the Carle Parish Nurse Program in Urbana, IL. that is led by Faith Roberts, Coordinator. 

We are also affiliated with the Westberg Institute (formerly International Parish Nurse Resource Center) which is a division of the Church Health Center in Memphis TN.

Parish Nursing is the title established when the movement was started by Pastor Granger Westberg in the late 1970s. When the ANA developed the Scope and Standards for the Parish Nurses, the title was modified to Faith Community Nursing in order to encompass those of other faith communities. Parish Nursing and Faith Community Nursing titles are both used and accepted.

Board of Directors

Relda Kelly, Acting President
Phyllis Reeder, Vice President
Tammy Lewis, Secretary
Dot Bendix, Acting Treasurer
Sheri Cagle, Member at Large
Marsha Lade, Member at Large
Cheryle Strother, Member at Large

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